I'm wanting to use ADODB connection to upload a table into the sql database.

I need some help with the code. I know I need to

Create Connection
Open Connection to sql server.
Upload data from excel file on my pc.
Close Connection

I've found some code that may be what I need. I just don't understand it all.


PHP Code:
    Dim con As Object 
    Set con 
con.Open _ 
"Data Source=" ActiveWorkbook.Path "\" & ActiveWorkbook.Name & ";" & _ 
Extended  Properties='Excel 8.0;HDR=YES;IMEX=1'" 
    con.Execute _ 
INSERT INTO [ODBC;Driver={SQL Server};" & _ 
SERVER=d1cply;DATABASE=d1cply;" & _ 
UID=******;Pwd=*******;].MeasurementResults (Table_Column_Names)" & _ 
SELECT Spreadsheet_Column_Names FROM [SQL_Dump$];

I've used VBA before, but not to connect to a sql server.

I'll be getting a sql server up soon, too.