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    Question Unanswered: How to increase performance while updating many rows

    Hi I am using Oracle 9i for my core Java project through Hibernate 3.X

    While saving the hibernate session i need to update 73000 objects(rows) in 3 tables.

    It is taking more than 24 hours..some times not at all completing.

    Is there any way to do workaround without a code change( I should not at this moment) like increasing hibernate memory or oracle channel memory (i guess there would be something..not sure about these) ....

    Any help is highly appreciated


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    Check the generated statements and analyse their execution plan. Maybe an index can help here.
    Updating 73000 rows should not take 24 hours. Is Hibernate using one statement per row? If yes, you might want to check if Hibernate can be configured to use less statements (e.g. using IN clauses or something)

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