This ones driving me crazy

I have a four stage release process - a webserver for each one

the website runs on each one;

development (passed/working)
staging (passed/working)
client acceptance testing (failed)
live public viewable (not yet deployed)

Have a corresponding database, SQL Server 2000, serving data to each.

Using javascript to build up an ADODB Command object.

When I append a parameter

cmdTemp.Parameters.Append(cmdTemp.CreateParameter("@IdString", adInteger, adParamInput, 4, productId));
it fails on the acceptance server but passes on the dev and staging platforms.

I have checked all of the connection strings, meta data of the databases and that data is present. All is as it should be.

Has anyone ever had a similar experience?

It appears as if the ADODB command object on the acceptance platform is refusing to work as expected.

The site has not yet been promoted to live.

Its very strange.