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    Unanswered: invalid archive tape (ontape -r)

    Hi there.

    I got a customer who deleted a complete table by mistake. I decided to import his old ontape-backup, get that table from that backup and send an unload from the table back to my customer.

    So I got his 2.5GB backup-file.

    My test-Informix is newer than his. (9.40.TC7) his is: 7.31.TD7 (as it is saved in his backup-file)

    I took all his onconfig-settings and tried to import vie "ontape -r" and also "ontape -p". But the only thing i get is:

    C:\Informix>ontape -r

    Please mount tape 1 on f:\backup.dat and press Return to continue ...

    Invalid archive tape
    Restore a level 0 archive (y/n) y
    Ready for level 0 tape

    Please mount tape 1 on f:\backup.dat and press Return to continue ...
    Any clues? (Both systems are Windows of course)

    BTW: The Backup-File seems to be ok. At least I can read some information when doing a simple Type:
    Archive Backup TapeInformix Dynamic Server Version 7.31.TD7 Tue Sep 11 20:00:00 2007AdministratorPIKRPI_AP_202
    thx in advance

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    Your TAPEDEV parameter in the onconfig-file has the value 'f:\' I presume. What if you created a 'ifmxbkup' dir on your local D:\ drive and copy the tapearchive as 'backup.dat' file to this directory? (Don't know exactly how; my experience is merely focussed on the UNIX environment.) Then you only have to change the TAPEDEV parameter in onconfig and the right archive can be approached. However I doubt that the 9.4 server can restore a 7.31 archive. Check it out yourself, e.g. in the "Backup and Restore Guide" or the "Migration Guide" in

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    No! You can not restore a backup from a differ version of IDS and differ plataform...

    In this case, you must install IDS 7.31 32bits for Windows to restore...
    César Inacio Martins
    Jundiai / SP - Brasil - em Português - English (translated by Google).

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