Hello, I am not a 'real' programmer, but I have some ability... so please be gentle. I am undertaking a web project that calls for a database on the web.
It site will be simple (just a few pages) so I am hoping to only find basic direction if one of you could be so kind.
The plan is very basic, I only want to put into a database the following.

Visitors IP
Date and time

The IP, date and time would be automatic (read when the user arrives). The user will be presented with a form and the user enters the ID and Pswd (first timers would generate a new record. Revisitors would recall a history). I will later attempt to compare IP's to Dates, and delete when certain cryterias are met.

I plan on using Java to retrieve their IP... var ip = '<!--#echo var="REMOTE_ADDR"-->'
The date/ time... would be called by the Java "Stamp" command.

I am not sure how to have these 4 items get entered into the <appropriate> Access fields,
I can build a web form but how to have the IP, date/ time auto-enter into the correct fields of each record bothers me.

I have some HTML, and some Access ability
I plan on using FrontPage2003 to build the site

Can I get by with just the above or.... (My fear is that I may need to use ASP.NET for the site....)
I know I can,, only if I must.. use ASP.NET via the Request Server Variables...
I know I should take a class at the local college, but an older guy like me is quick to learn (x-Hardware) and just a directional nudge would go a long way. I am sorry if I am tooooooo remidial for this forum but I have had some great experiences here.. I have learned so much from you "young'ins"

For now... am I on the right track before I start?... yes or no is all I need for now(comments are appreciated)
ASP Y/N, or can I keep it simple without it... I would like to stay with Access also.

and I truly appreciate your time.....