Dear all,

Is it possible to create a kind of "dblink" in a physical standby database residing in a remote host (another host than the primary production database)? We want to make this standby DB to be online without one tablespace.

Our database consists of 2 parts: a core part (around 55 Gb) - stored in 2 tablespaces, residing in one mounted disk - and an "attachment" part (around 550 Gb) - stored in one tablespace, residing in 2 mounted disks. The attachment part is of less importance. We would like to make a standby DB for the core part and exclude the attachment part (because of its extensive size) to be online.

Currently we can not put this physical standby DB online, since it requires the attachment datafiles to be available. Would it be a problem if we NFS mount these 2 disks on the host where the standby database resides?
The best solution would be if we can tell the standby DB that there is no need to update the attachment tablespace.
The standby database can not be put online because it correctly complains that datafiles are missing. These datafiles are part of the one large tablespace which are NOT copied to the standby database, there is no need for us to copy and keep track this 550Gb.

Thanx a lot for anyone reading, thinking and most of all give the solution for my problem...