I have a script, doing some ssh ...scp ... from a master server to several users from a unique machine
the problem is, that some user are blocking at the password step though I have filled the authorized_key of the master server...
it could also append, if the password changes

so i 'd like to make a timeout but I don't know how...

this example does"nt work :
scp blablabla &
wait $!

+ scp /data/samba/masters/admin/admin.tar psunit04@TOTO:/exec/products/unit04/admin.tar
Welcome to the server TOTO,
psunit04@TOTO's password:

waiting from here...so sad

the only solution I see, is to replace wait, by a loop that "sleep" while the pid is not ended, and at last kill the pid
that 's not very nice for me...

is there another solution ?