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    Unanswered: Time problem

    My boss wrote a package that creates new voicemail boxes for new students. The package pulls all the info from oracle db . Then creates a voicemail box on a Linux machine, we get a daily email with the number of voicemail boxes created deleted…etc the problem is the email displays time stamp that is 4 Hours behind.

    The process runs at 11:00 PM nightly. The email displays a time of 7:00 PM. I checked the heather of the email and it comes to a Linux running email in time then leaves to an Exchange server in time. It gets to the client outlook in time, except the display is 4 hours behind.

    We checked oracle time all the boxes involved in this transaction and all the boxes have the correct time.

    Please help

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    What does having an incorrect time in an email header have to do with Oracle?

    What ever the solution may be more than likely th solution involves NO change to Oracle or the database.
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    What is the time and timezone on the client machine?
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