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    Unanswered: error backup up a database from one windows server to another

    We have a user that is running DB2 on a windows machine and trying to back up to a "mapped" windows server. The instance that the DB2 is running under is "localhost" when you look in services. There is no type of DB2 groups on the box. The ID they are running as was granted DB2 Admin rights and is an Administrator on both boxes. They mapped a drive to the 2nd server from the DB2 server. With the mapping in place, they can right files from the DB2 Server to the 2nd server. However, DB2 cannot back up a database to it.



    SQL2036N The path for the file or device
    "M:\Prod_bkups\ThisWeek\Monday\admin" is not valid.


    The application calling the utility has supplied a source or
    target path that is not valid. The path or device specified may
    not exist or is incorrectly specified.

    User Response:

    Reissue the utility command with a path that represents a correct
    path or device.

    I found this on the internet, but will post my question anyway....

    I have just recently found a issue that may help solve this problem. I
    was having problems doing restores and backups to a networked drive
    running DB2 on win2k3. Anyone else having this issue? I previously did
    this with no problem against win2k using mapped drives and service
    accounts with domain rights. I was getting the same SQL code you are
    getting. Anyway, long story short...Try using UNC paths instead of
    mapped drives. That seemed to be the answer for my problem.

    "Eric.Jones" <> wrote in message news:<cejop3$49q$>...[
    > After a bit more investigation, it seems Samba is not (directly)
    > implicated. Using Ethereal to monitor the network traffic to the SMB
    > server, we saw zero packets exchanged during the open attempt. So it's
    > not failing because of any bad status returned by Samba.
    > With the feedback from Philip & Mark (thanks guys!), it seems the real
    > issue lies with Windows network share handling. Although the DB2
    > instance owner is the same as the login account I am using for export,
    > it is normally started earlier as a windows service. I'm going to try
    > some further testing with the focus on sqloFileAttrib.
    > The original goal was to provide a common filespace for data
    > distribution to a group of developer machines. The delimited load files
    > for numerous testcases could be served from Samba and loaded
    > automatically, without requiring lots of local space on every machine.
    > With the apparent evolution of "network drive letter" transitioning to
    > "logon session resource", this may not be a viable approach for Windows
    > targets.[/vbcol]

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    backup is only supported on local drives - not mapped drives
    Best Regards, Guy Przytula
    DB2 UDB LUW certified V6/7/8

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    supposedly, it used to work when they were NT boxes. I believe they are 2003 boxes now.

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    are you 100% sure it worked on NT? If I remember correctly there was never support for mapped drives on Windows!
    Hope this helps,

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