Forgive this newcomer if this is the improper place to ask.

I am working on installing Oracle App Server for a potential new job (yes, I may be crazy). I am having issues with connecting to the computer from any machine other than the raw console on which it is installed. This is the fixed informations I have:

1. Server box is Windows 2003 Server w IIS and all SP's installed.
2. Oracle AS INfrastructure is installed in Identity Management and Metadata repositry format.
3. Oracle Application Server is installd in Portal and Wireless configuration.
4. Box has a MS Loopback adapter installed (as current adapter) with a fixed address of (following Oracle's instrustions for DHCP machines) and is shown as Local Area Connection 2 in the system properties.
5. Box has a NIC card configured with a staic IP of 192.x.x.110 to my router (connected to a DSL line) and is shown as Local Connection 1 in system properties.
6. Box name is DataBox and has a primary DNS suffix of 'here'
7. Box is NOT a member of a domain, only a workgroup.
8. Version of Oracle AS software is
9. All pages being generated (AS Server Control, HTTP server etc) all are generating a links in thier pages to '<portnumber>' which of course is the problem.
10. There is currently no data in the DB other than the base data made at time of install. No additional user are present either.
11. With exception of passwords, Installer defaults were taken at time of install. Only modification was to the DCM startup timeout limit to ensure proper App Server installation.
12. Due to hardware limitations, changing to a Linux based setup is NOT possible, although I have the media for such a load. was selected due to the paramters of the project.

Outside of the console box itself, I cannot get into the server box, not without making either entires in the hosts file or copy/paste'ing the URL and manually force altering the IP address in the URL to that of the target box. For true external testing, I put the box into a DMZ via my router, and the same problem occurs.

I have been unable to find any information on how to stop this thing from using the box name and DNS suffix as the address generated for it's web based interfaces. It is also odd, since once I get past the first 2 or 3 layers of entry, the shortcut addresses all change to IP addresses, not the box name derived one.

Have I missed a step in the install (following the install guide off the Oracle homepage) or am I missing some configuration tool tht I cant find. Any help, or pointers in the proper diretion or resource would be appreciated.