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    Unanswered: default the cursor to a certain field (it's a textbox) for FindRecord

    Hi there,

    I built a database awhile ago for this company and I just gave them a regular FindRecord command button .. but they're asking if it's possible for them to have the cursor defaulted on a certain textbox so that they don't have to click on the desired field before pressing the FindRecord command button.

    They say this would be useful because they only need to do a search under one field on the form.

    My ideas so far are to run a macro that would do this, but I am kind of stuck as to what command I should run to make the cursor defaulted on that field before it does its search.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I'm running Access 2003.

    Cheers =)

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    Have you looked at the SetFocus method?
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    thanks. i looked up different ways to use setfocus and eventually figured it out.

    much appreciated!

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