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    So basically I have a table that multiple users need to update a couple times a quarter. Before we use to have them go in and manually add lines to the table but they didn't like that. So I started building a new record form which worked fine. The thing I want now is for the user to answer a few questions, like when you run a querey with criteria being in [ ], and based on those answers populate a few of the fields. So basically the thing is I want some fields on the form to be drawn from the answers in a querey but then the record to be added to a table?

    How do I do this?
    Help would be appreciated

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    Judging from your post, I'm guessing you don't have a ton of Access experience, yes? Not that that's bad, I just want to know where to start answering your question.

    I'd say, start with this website, and see where it gets you to start. Or maybe this one might be of use to you as well. Then check out this one on building queries (which you will probably end up needing, unless you want to go the recordset method).

    This may seem overwhelming, depending on where you're at, but you're asking to be able to have more functionality in your db, so you're going to need to be able to do a little more to it. Wrestle with it for a bit, and if you get stuck somewhere, post back and we'll try to help.
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    Make the form controls unbound, so the user/query can populate them. After populating them, have a command button to confirm all entries, and that command button should open a table and add (using .Addnew) a record with each !FieldName = Me.ControlName.Value. Don't forget to save the record with .Update.

    Hope this helps,

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