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    Unanswered: Urgent-Error with tsm

    Hi All,

    we are using db2 v8.1 and fixpak 7 with os level aix 4.3.3. The database is online backup and we got the error in the backup logs as
    SQL2062N An error occurred while accessing media
    "/instance home/sqllib/adsm/libtsm.a". Reason code: "61".
    From the error, we came to know that the tsm node is locked
    So from the TSM side they have reset the password for the node(client) and from the database side in the root we have updated the pwd through dsmapipw. But getting error "406 Error in user configration files" and also we are not able to issue the query db2adutl query full ". It's giving error like

    Error: Initialize session failed with ADSM return code 61
    hope as the password has not updated properly.

    Any help

    Many Thanks

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    Not sure if it helps..

    Looks like some configuration issue. If you have any other kind of environment just compare the TSM files.


    Explanation: The options file specified by file-name cannot be found.
    System Action: The TSM client ends.

    User Response: See if you have the environment variable DSM_CONFIG (or DSMI_CONFIG for the API) set, which explicitly identifies the TSM options file. ( You can do this by entering the SET command at your system.) If this environment variable is set, ensure the file indicated by the variable exists. If it is not set, then TSM looks for the file dsm.opt in the current directory. If neither of these cases is met, you receive this error message.

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