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    Unanswered: RTF Report Issues

    I have set up a report in 2007 with the rich text format tool on board in Access. I have this working after working out that it is a hybrid with HTML to manipulate the formating.

    This works ok except for one annoying feature. When I extend the text box across more than one page I am loosing the bold heading and the first three or four words of the next sentence. I am not sufficently familar with HTML to know if this is a bug in Access or incorrect coding on my part.

    The specific code that is responsible for this piece of the report is:

    If .chkExclusion Then
                Set rst = New ADODB.Recordset
                    mstrReport = mstrReport & "<BR><BR><B>Exclusions</B><BR><BR>The following items are excluded:<UL>"
                    strSQL = "SELECT qryJobScopeDetail.ExclusionShortDesc, qryJobScopeDetail.ExclusionDescription " & _
                                    "FROM qryJobScopeDetail " & _
                                    "UNION " & _
                                    "SELECT qryStdExclusion.ExclusionID, qryStdExclusion.ExclusionDescription " & _
                                    "FROM qryStdExclusion;"
                    With rst
                        .Open strSQL, CurrentProject.Connection, adOpenKeyset, adLockPessimistic
                        Do Until .EOF
                            If Len(.Fields("ExclusionDescription")) > 0 Or Not IsNull(.Fields("ExclusionDescription")) Then
                                mstrReport = mstrReport & "<LI TYPE=CIRCLE>" & .Fields("ExclusionDescription")
                            End If
    I am not sure whether I can add more line breaks to fix this, although I suspect the line breaks are being ignored. I can't add a page break and the code continues to add more data to mstrReport until the entire report is contained in it and then prints to the text box. I have used this technique before without this issue although previously I have not spanned a page.

    Any ideas?
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    fancy posting a print screen for clarification?
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