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    Unanswered: Need help in ctlibaryary

    I am using Sybase ctlib to connect to Sybase ASE12 Server. Database server hosts several databases. I want to establish connection to one of this database. But CS_CONNECTION structure only stores servername,serversaddr,user and pwd information.

    Someone please suggets how do I specify database in CS_CONNECTION.

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    I hope it is not possible to specify the database in CS_CONNECTION structure.

    I don't understand why do you want to connect to a specific database.

    In the query you can mention the databasename..tablename


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    Thanks, for reply.

    Well yes in Query I can specify databasename..tablename or I can say use dbname , but this will be Dynamic Query or force user to specify DB each time they fire query.
    I want to develop a generic DB class which will allow progarmmer more flexibility.

    Sybase isql provides option to Connecting to specific DB on Server and isql also uses ctlib internally but you know its not an open source.

    Could you please suggest some way of connecting to specific DB on Server.

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