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    Unanswered: Logsegment full vs. Tasks sleeping

    A discussion with a co-dba sparked an issue about 2 'logsegment full'-errors in the ASE-errorlog.
    First message: "Space available in the log segment has fallen critically low in database 'tempdb'. All future etc...".
    Almost immediately after that the errorlog says "1 task(s) are sleeping waiting for space to become available in the log segment etc...", followed by a few more lines of the latter.

    Nor my collegue, nor myself are sure whether the two errors always come together, or that the second one can occur separately from the first, or that the first one can occur without the second one following it.

    Is it sufficient to monitor for the second error only, or first one only, or both? Other than making sure they don't show up at all...

    I would say that you can suffice with looking for hte first one, because the second one always follows the first error.
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    I don't see the sleeping messages.
    But I do not allow a bad/big transaction to block access to the database in this way.
    I use "abort tran on log full"

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