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    Unanswered: Can I access MSDE on a remote machine with Enterprise Manager?

    We just installed an application, WhatsUpGold, to monitor our servers. Management won't let me host that on my primary SQL box. So, we are using MSDE on the local machine (call that box my_netmon).

    I can access the db with very basic functionality using osql while on the my_netmon machine. I've added my domain user account as a System Admin using the following commands.

    exec sp_grantlogin @name

    exec sp_addsrvrolemember @name, 'sysadmin'

    But when I go to the my_sql machine and try to attach to it with Enterprise Manager I get an error that the server does not exist.

    What gives??? Is it just not possible, or am I missing something here?

    My goal is to just be able to see the data stored in the MSDE db. Write views, etc...

    Please advise,


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    Lots of looks but no advice

    Has anybody accessed MSDE from a remote machine. Or can it only be access locally with ODBC type connections?

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    yes, you can use MSDE remotely. what does your connection string look like? is it a named instance?

    for that matter, why bother with MSDE? it's ancient. you should use SQL Server Express if this is for new development.
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