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    Unanswered: Empty Subform is a crazy !!

    dear all

    now my problem is so simple so mad also

    i have a form consist of 4 subforms each has a textbox called subtotal (=sum([totcost])
    and i have a textbox in the main form which is the grand totals for the 4 subtotals

    now the problem if one of the subforms has no records its subtotal box be came clear without any value ( its value not null nor empty i test it by isnull & isempty) and the result that the grand total give error not even the totals of the other subtotals ???

    any tips???

    thanks all


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    Probably due to null values.

    Try to find where there might be a null result and use Nz(val, 0) to turn nulls into 0s, for example, =Nz(sum([totcost]), 0) will prevent the subtotal from being null.

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