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    Unanswered: newbie, sage updating invoice prices with current prices

    Dear all

    I have a company that sells fruit and vegetables to the catering industry.
    I take orders in the evening for the next day, and buy my fruit and vegetables from wholesale market to deliver to my customers on the next day.
    I have sage simply accounting.
    I have to enter invoices day before I print them, so I can get a list of items i should buy next day (and also sort them into different routes)
    My question is, is there a way to update all the prices on the active invoices (i.e. not printed or posted) for the previous day, after I enter new prices for the fruit and vegetables???
    I need this as at the moment I hava to go into individual invoices and enter the products and quantities again.

    Many thanks


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    Assuming your invoices have a datetime value against them, then you can simply add a date_from and date_to in your prices table.
    WHERE GetDate() BETWEEN date_from AND Coalesce(date_to, GetDate())
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    No can do George... The problem with that idea is that Sage is a purchased accounting system, so there is no way to safely/effectively change their code.

    Since Sage uses a schema that is "denormalized for performance" it isn't even safe to write an update query against the InvoiceItems table. The reason behind this is because different versions of the Sage software have denormalized in different ways, and some of the denormalized data that they store is in blobs that represent arrays.

    Depending on which Sage version you are running, there may be a "batch update utility" that would allow you to write a job to do what you want (fetching current pricing from the Inventory to update the InvoiceItems on open invoices).

    I vaguely remember that someone sells a third party tool to do exactly what you are describing, but it has been at least three years since I've even looked at Sage. You might want to raise this question at either a local Sage user group meeting, or on one of the Sage UseNet forums.


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    Sage....blech. I've worked with two of their products and would not want to deal with another.
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    Many thanks everyone
    I have sage instant accounts, the very basic one I think.
    Pat Phelan, I wouldbe greatful if you could remember any detail of the third party program, but will so as you have suggested, go to sage usenet forums and search some there.


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