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    Unanswered: Creating Restore Redirect Script

    Hi ,

    Can you please help in generating a Restore redirect Script as I have 100's of tablespaces. I browsed through some forums and I found replies where people have used db2ckbkp with -T option and get snapshot for tablespaces with awk.
    1) How do you get the db2ckbkp -T to work with backups on TSM.How do I specify the path or location and which is the command used to find the information.
    2)How can I determine the Size of the Backup Image on a TSM.
    3)How do I generate the Restor Redirect Script with all the paths specified for the 100's of tablespaces.
    I know in Version 9 they have come up with the option GENERATE SCRIPT .What is the method to generate Scripts for DB2 V8.

    Please suggest,

    Thanks in Advance.

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    I have a script for generating redirect and attached it as a file
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    Best Regards, Guy Przytula
    DB2 UDB LUW certified V6/7/8

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    Thanks for your reply,

    I am unable to open the zip file as it gives and error " is invalid or corrupt ".
    Do you have any solutuions to my other questions.


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