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    Unanswered: Need Help Developing DB for Renting Tools

    New to forum and relativly new to Access. HAve done a few small simple db projects. I am now trying to make a db for renting out tools or equipment. I have made a tbls and forms for "customers" and "tools" but I am struggling with how to set up code for checking the items in and out as well as calculating charges based on time out on rent.
    Have looked for a "canned" program with no luck. (anyone know of one?)
    Any ideas of getting pointed in the right direction?

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    so next you need a tbale for bookings / hirings whatever, referring to the customers and tools tables as foreign keys

    you probablyu need a rate table.. ie equipment X is charged at rate Y, or equipment x,y & z use rate 1, a,B & E rate 3 etc....

    you probably need a table to hold invoices
    you probably need a sub table to hold invoice details
    you probably need a financial transaction table to identify what type of financial transaction is being made on the account
    you probably need to table to store details of payments made, credit given

    depending on how on how complex your school work assignmrnt is you may also need a discount rules table to handle discounts for a specific item.

    incidentally I wouldn't call your other table 'tools', after all you never know what the entity may end yup doing, it could be sellign products \and services, it may be hiring more than just tools.... eg scaffolding, staging etc....

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