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    Unanswered: Updating multiple rows At once in to SQlServer2005 Table


    I have a table called "tblProducts" with following fields:-

    ProductID(Pk, AutoIncrement), ProductCode(FK), ProdDescr.

    So to the above table I have added a new field/column named "ProdLongDescr(varchar, Null)"

    So, I need to populate this newly added column with specific values for each row depending on "ProductCode" which is different forevery row. The problem is that I have 25 rows.So instead of Writing 25 individual update scripts, is there a way in which single query will do the same job instead of writing one update query for each row ?. If so can some one guide me how to achieve that OR point to me a good resource.

    Below are a couple of Individual update scripts I Wrote. "ProductCode" is different for all 25 rows.

    Update tblValAdPackageElement SET ProdLongDescr = 'Slideshows' WHERE ProductCode = 'SLID'
    And szElementDescr='Slideshow'
    if @@error <> 0
    goto ErrPos

    Update tblValAdPackageElement SET ProdLongDescr = 'CategorySlideshows' WHERE ProductCode = 'SLDC'
    And szElementDescr='CategorySlideshow'
    if @@error <> 0
    goto ErrPos


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    Sure, you could write this using a single update statement and a long-ass CASE statement with 25 different evaluations, but I don't see how that is really preferable to 25 separate updates.
    And this is a one-time update? For just 25 rows? My question would be why you care.
    If it's not practically useful, then it's practically useless.

    blindman "sqlblindman"

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