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    Unanswered: xp_smtp_sendmail Not Sending HTML File Right

    Hello All.

    I sent a HTML file as text message using xp_smtp_sendmail from my SQL server but the test email that I received doesn't look like the HTML file I have originally. Below are my codes:-

    exec @rc = master.dbo.xp_smtp_sendmail
    @FROM = N'',
    @FROM_NAME = N'Mr XXX',
    @TO = N'',
    @CC = N'',
    @priority = N'HIGH',
    @subject = N'Weekly Sales To Thirds',
    @type = N'text/html',
    @messagefile = N'D:\WST\WeeklySalesToThirds.htm',
    @server = N'999.99.999.99',
    @attachments = N'D:\WST\4weeks\WST.xls'
    select RC = @rc

    The problem I have is the email doesn't display the HTML correctly. Spaces appeared and some of wording have wrapped.

    I have attached partial screen shots of my original HTML file and email.

    Please help if you have similar problem and solution. Thank you.

    Best regards
    Teck Boon
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    If it helps; this is the code I use to send HTML e-mails in SQL Server 2005
    DECLARE @MessageSubject	varchar(255)
    DECLARE @MessageBody	nvarchar(MAX) 
    DECLARE @EmailRecipient char(255)
    SET @EmailRecipient	= ''
    SET @MessageSubject 	= 'Message subject :)'
    SET @MessageBody	=
    			N'Some text' +
    			N'<br />' +
    			N'More text' +
    			N'<br />' +
    			N'Last bit of text'
    EXEC 	msdb..sp_send_dbmail
    	@recipients 	= @EmailRecipient	,
    	@subject	= @MessageSubject	,
    	@body 		= @MessageBody		,
    	@body_format 	= 'HTML'		;
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    Hi georgev

    Thank you for the reply but I need to attach the HTML as a file because it is generated from another process (from excel). It is not just standard fixed text but text with a daily report where numbers change.

    I have previously did the same and it works. Maybe the width of the HTML is small as compared to the latest.

    I am also attaching it as a file but the business has requested it to show the summary page in the body of the email and the details as an attached file.

    Best regards
    Teck Boon

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