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    Unanswered: Drop and recreate DBTEMP tablespace

    In DB2 ver 8 on Z/OS, how to check if no one is using the DBTEM tablespace that you are going to drop and recreate ?

    There are some tools like IBM DB2 Query Monitor for z/OS but don't have it installed unfortunately . Does anyone using DB2 on z/OS has some experience
    on how to check ,without any 3ed party tools , if anyone is using the DBTEMP tablespace . There are several other DBTEMP tablespaces that will remain in RW so ... maybe not really a problem as DB2 will select a different DBTEMP tablespace that is still in status RW .

    Or isn't it a problem to issue the drop , if the DBTEMP tablespace is in use you'll get a message and the drop will not work ?

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    -DIS DB(DBTEMP) SPACE(yourspace) USE

    should show whether the space is currently used.

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