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    Unanswered: Using two different version of Oracle ODBC Drivers on Windows.


    I currently encounter a problem during utilisation of two software on Windows. These products use both a database 9i but each one have

    different specified drivers. One of them uses oracles ODBC 8i drivers, the other use ODBC 9i drivers. The drivers are stored on a fileserver

    and the windows register database is modified consequently. I can't change the softwares or the drivers recommended by those.

    To use the two applications at the same time, I am obliged to modify my environment variable “oracle_home” before launching the applications.

    Another solution is to create oracle_home in a case and the other case to remove it in the other.

    I would like to free me from this constraint in the cleanest possible way.
    Do you know how doing that?

    thank you for your answers.


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    I'd create a couple of small *BAT files that would create the desired environment & then launch the desired application.

    Are you sure a registry change is required as opposed to just setting ORACLE_HOME environmental variable?
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    Using two different version of Oracle ODBC Drivers on Windows.


    Yes, I cannot start the programs at the same time if I do not change the before launching the applications. If I does not do it errors this produce.

    Can you put here an example of your file which makes change the“ORACLE_HOME” environment variable?

    Do you know if this creates the “ORACLE_HOME” environment variable if it does not exist ?

    Best regards.

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