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    Unanswered: input parameter in MS SQL 2005 report

    I am designing a report which need to take parameter input by user when the report is open. Can anyone please tell me how to do this? Using MS SQL 2005 report. Thanks.

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    To be more specific,I want a pop-up window to ask user to input a
    parameter when I am a report and this parameter will filter out the data.
    Say, when I run a product sales report, a pop-up window can ask me for which
    state and I input California. So the report only shows California sales
    report. Please help. Thanks.

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    I understand that SQL 2005 is your database engine, but I'm not clear on what tool you are using to build the report. Is it

    If you are using The SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS), then there is a problem because the popup interaction that you are envisioning only fits some parts of what SSRS can do.

    SSRS is designed so that the reports can run "lights out" with no human interaction at all, so that they can be scheduled to run at low interactive activity times, so there will not be any human present. You can design a report so that it accepts parameters,and that parameter can be supplied from whatever tool queues the report request (such as a web page or a VBA script or an executable program), and that caller can do whatever you choose to program it to do.

    If I didn't understand your question, can you restate the question another way?


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