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    Unanswered: Error in backup server

    Hi ,
    I am getting the following error while dumping or loading the database:

    Msg 7205, Level 17, State 2:
    Server 'ELOIT', Line 1:
    Can't open a connection to site 'SYB_BACKUP'. See the error log file in the SQL

    Server boot directory.
    Msg 7205, Level 18, State 3:
    Server 'ELOIT', Line 1:
    Can't open a connection to site 'SYB_BACKUP'. See the error log file in the SQL

    I checked the entry in sysserver, it is OK.
    Also I droped the SYB_BACKUP entry and recreated it.
    Also I changed the port number in the sql.ini file .
    But the problem is not solved.
    I am using sybase on windows

    Pl any one can help me for this problem?


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    Did you restart the backupserver after changing the port number?

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    yes ... backup server and dataserver both are restarted.

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    Look at the network_name and matches with that in sql.ini

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    Make sure sybase user has complete control of files referenced in the file used to start the BACKUP server (e.g., RUN_SYB_BACKUP).

    The files are:
    (your parameters may vary depending on your requirements)

    Run Unix commands as root (superuser):

    chown sybase:sybase /opt/sybase/*log* /opt/sybase/interf* /opt/sybase/*.cfg /opt/sybase/bin/syb*

    chmod 755 /opt/sybase/*log* /opt/sybase/interf* /opt/sybase/*.cfg /opt/sybase/bin/syb*

    Next, shutdown and Restart the servers as sybase user (not as root or any other user ) thus:

    ./startserver -f ./RUN_SYB_BACKUP (i.e., the backup server)
    ./startserver -f ./RUN_TEST (i.e, data server)

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    hi bkyusuf

    Thanks to all for reply

    My sybase is window base.

    Is there any windows service problem as i have installed 3 more dataserver and backup server for testing. I checked INI file . Each one has diff port number and service name. So it is fine. I removed all the servers from computers and created only one dataserver and backup server and the problem is solved. I can remove all servers as it was a testing server. But if it is production server we can not remove the dataserver and backup servers. At that time what will be the solution for that.

    Is there any restrictions on the number of dataservers on one sybase installation?

    Pl reply.


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