This is about Sybase licensing. We had bought Sybase ASE 12.5 NT in the year 2001, for 4 Network Seats. While we have been using the accompanying ASA (Adaptive Server Anywhere) all these years, we have not much used the ASE. We have now developed an MIS application in ASP for the organization that would use the ASE 12.5 NT on a Windows 2003 Server through an ODBC driver. Both the Web server and the ASE 12.5 server would run on the same single machine. This ASP application would be accessed through the internet by nearly 100 employees of the oganization. My queries regarding this are as follows:

(1) Is there any violation of the license agreement for running the ASE 12.5 NT on Windows 2003 Server - Whether the term NT is supposed to mean the name of the OS or the architecture of the OS as Windows 2003 Server is also based on NT architecture.

(2) The basic feature of an RDBMS (in this case ASE 12.5) is to cater to multiple connections. The ASE can be configured to accept a desired number of connections by setting the number of user connections configuration parameter using sp_configure. Will setting this parameter to say 100 connections violate the license agreement? In the above scenario, one instance of the ASE 12.5 is running and is being accessed by the ASP application using a single login id. There can be upto a 100 simulatenous accesses to the ASP application at any time. There are also instances where a single ASP program needs to open mutiple connections. I have tested successfully upto 50 open connections in a single program after setting the above parameter to 100.

(3) In what way does the 4 Network Seats license limit us while using the ASE?

An early reply would be highly appreciated.