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    Unanswered: DTS Package

    Hi there

    I've use an example I've found to build the following dts.execution from VB6:

    Dim opackage As DTS.Package

    Set opackage = New DTS.Package
    opackage.LoadFromSQLServer PARS, , , DTSSQLStgFlag_UseTrustedConnection, , , , copyTxt, 0
    Set opackage = Nothing

    The problem is when I execute it gives an error saying:
    The specified DTS Package ('name='[notspecified]'; ID.Version ={'[notspecified]'},{'[notspecified]'}') does not exist.

    Can anyone see what is wrong please?

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    We had a similar problem here if the DTS package had more than one version. On the DTS packages, right click and go to versions. I would save the existing package under a new name, then delete all versions but one on the package referenced by the application.

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