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    Hello and I am totally lost in the se of DB's

    Hello all,
    I am happy to be here. I am a network admin that is Msoft certified. However I am very frustrated in the field that has become completley flooded. I am considering changing my focus to DB's, however I am a complete newb in this field. Can someone please suggest where to begin my research?

    What I might use to determine if this is for me?

    What books are good for the green beginner?

    Oracle vs Msoft (not trying to start an arguement)?

    Anything really to get some information that I can really use, rather than fumbling around on the net, not knowing what I am getting. Also there are no classes being offered in my area by any schools. Any help would be fantastic and thanks for reading.


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    I would suggest that you download & install PostgreSQL (it's a free, full-featured database server.) Most of what you learn with PostgreSQL will be applicable to databases as a whole.

    Then, run through the tutorial in the documentation to get started.

    There's also lots of resources at their website. The shockwave tutorials on Referential Integrity (RI) and Sequences are both useful, and not just for PostgreSQL.

    Finally, a very good pg resource is the book, PostgreSQL, 2nd edition, by Douglas & Douglas.
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