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    Unanswered: Help creating Schema for SQL*Plus

    I ordered the book "Oracle PL/SQL" second ed Interactive workbook. It has files to download (which I did already) and then to create a STUDENT schema in Oracle.

    One thing, I don't have SQL*Plus or Oracle on my PC and I don't know how to create the STUDENT schema. Attached are the instructions of the schema creation, but it didn't work on my PC at work with Oracle and SQL*Plus already installed. Can anyone help me get started or give me suggestions so I can use these files and be able to get thru this book?

    Thank you!

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    >it didn't work
    My car didn't work.
    Tell me how to make my car go.

    visit & read the Concepts Manual, SQL*Plus Guide, & Installation Manual.

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    Learning Oracle without Oracle is like cooking without food.

    There's a free, downloadable Oracle database version for you - Oracle 10g Express Edition. Install it and I believe your first steps will be much easier.

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