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    Unanswered: Multiple User Issue


    I know this is a bad idea but it is a temp solution. The Back-end and Front-end are on the server and on each workstation there is a shortcut to the front-end.

    At 1 time there will be about 3-4 users, at most. I have noticed, very randomly that blank records have been created. I have error-trapped that specific fields need to be entered before a number is generated and able to exit. The number is created but it is a blank fields.

    Secondly, someone indicated that they entered the info and the database never safed.

    What would cause these issues and is there a solution?

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    Have you thought about adding a field such as an EnteredBy field to your main data table indicating the loginID of the person which entered the record (see how to get the user loginID in the Access Code Bank). You can then easily create and set an EnteredBy field to the LoginID of who entered the record. Also, if you don't have a DateEntered field (setting the default of this field on the form to =Date()), you may want to consider adding one to your main data table so you know when that record was created. This will help you diagnose who is entering blank records and when they are entering them. Sometimes it can be just 1 user who doesn't understand how the app works. Sometimes it could be because you go to a new blank record when the form opens and populate (or attempt to) certain fields. If the user opens the form and then closes it, a blank record was generated even though they entered nothing (but you had code to populate certain values on a new record.) The reasons you're getting blank records could be from many different causes.

    Either way, the EnteredBy and DateEntered are good fields to have in your main data table.

    Regarding someone entering info and it never saved...there can be many different reasons for this and it's difficult to diagnose without more info (perhaps a sample mdb of the app uploaded.) As a guess, do you have an autonumber field in the main data table? If you don't, sometimes you have to specifically code in the "save record" command on the form to save the record. But again, there can be many different reasons for a record not saving (ie. if you have required fields and the required fields are not getting populated correctly, the record won't save...could be relationships...could be a problem in the code...etc...etc...) "Usually" Access generates some kind of error when it can't save a record (ie. "This record could not be saved because the field XYZ duplicates an existing value...." or "This record could not be saved because the required field XYZ is a null value..."). Again, the reasons of this problem could be from many different causes.
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    you can also trap for the computer ID that inserted the record.. try the API calls by Dev Ashihs on Google, and the time the event occurred. (possibly as who created the record and last edit

    that way round it a bit like playing Cluedo but you know who did the crime, when and what (computer) they did it. If you need to escalate to a disciplinary you have the evidence, especially if you don't allow direct table edits and you have secured your tables appropriately
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    Do you have your Primary Key active?

    A demo version of your database would help in solving your problem.

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