I'm hoping that someone here has some idea as to what I'm doing wrong here :-) These are the steps I'm following...

1. (server_a) db2 connect to db_name
1a. db2 select count(*) from djstest (result is 0)
2. (server_a) db2 set write suspend
2a. db2 terminate
3. split mirror from server_a
4. mount mirror on server_b
5. (server_a) db2 connect to db_name
5a. db2 set write resume
5b. db2 insert into djstest values (data) (do this x times)
5c. db2 select count(*) from djstest (result is x)
5d. runstats for all tables in db_name
5e. db2 terminate and ensure db_name is deactivated
6. change db2nodes.cfg on server_b to match server_a
7. db2start on server_b
8. db2inidb db_name as standby
9. copy DB2 log files from server_a to server_b and place into ~/tmp
10. (server_b) db2 rollforward database db_name to end of logs and complete overflow log path (~/tmp)
11. (server_b) db2 connect to db_name
11a. db2 select count(*) from djstest (result still 0 but expecting x)

So my question is: Why after supposedly rolling through the logs containing the insert and runstats does the standby database not contain those transactions?

Thanks for any assistance provided.