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    Unanswered: SQL1277N - How do I resolve this Re-directed restore problem

    This restore is meant to create a brand new database in an existing system test instance. While restoring at the target instance, I received two messages, one of which was:

    SQL1277N Restore has detected that one or more table space containers are
    inaccessible, or has set their state to 'storage must be defined'.

    The second, the informational DB20000I-The RESTORE DATABASE command completed successfully. I guess I could continue on with the rest of the restore but some tablespace will not be availble. I will like to correct those before I continue...

    How do I go about correcting the tablespace issue?



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    You get the SQL1277N error before the containers are defined with your set statements, which is why one of the explanations is "or has set their state to 'storage must be defined'". This is normal behavior.

    After you finish the restore and rollforward (if applicable), connect to the database. The make sure the state of each tablespace is 0x0000.

    db2 list tablespaces show detail | grep State
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