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    I am new to Access via an internship I began recently. The company I am working for would like me to work on the database, the creator of the database having just left the company. No one at the office knows how to make changes to the database, and although my training from college hasn't brought me to this point - I would like to fix a few small problems. Attached is a picture.

    The charge on the right side of the screen is outputting the correct billing. The MVR to the left however is displaying an incorrect number, that is not being used to determine the charge. Therefore the customers are receiving a bill with the correct price, but they look at the MVR and it is incorrect. I am trying to figure out where the charge is calculated so that I may use the same MVR variable there. I have looked everywhere and still cannot find the calculation. Any tips at all would be very helpful.

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    Hello and Welcome.

    Start by going into the design view of your report, open the properties window, go to the data tab and see what the record source is. If it is running off a query you can then click on three dots to the right of record source field (in properties) and see what the query consists of.

    This combined with looking at the control source for those particular fields in your report should help you to determine how they are generated.



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