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    Unanswered: How to get the ingres version


    I'm working as a consult for a company and want to find what version they have on Ingres ABF/4gl.
    The reason for this is if I'm going to use the forum it good to have the version.

    Some useful Information:
    This Ingres version must be very old because it's character based and is running on an OpenVMS Plattform. The application is based on 4gl forms and event is based on using functionkey like F12, F13 and so on. The mouse can't be used in this Ingres version.
    The language that is used is called ingres 4GL.
    The database Ingres is is fit together with the Ingres ABF/4GL.

    I just want to know what command I should use to receive the actual version.


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    Ingres information

    Ingres once owned by Ask then bought by CA, is now offered to the Open Source community. visit for more information.
    I also believe it is time Ingres is mentioned within all others DBMS systems, specially now it is also free!

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    Ingres version

    Hi Tony,

    If in Unix OS just enter the ingres platform and type as below:

    view version.rel

    This will show you the Ingres present version with the latest patch number.

    I hope it is same for VMS.....

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    On our UNIX system I do:

    cat $II_SYSTEM/ingres/version.rel

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