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    Exclamation Unanswered: upgraded from 2000 to xp and having probelms!!! can anyone help!....

    Right.. a couple of days ago i upgraded an Access database i have from windows 2000 to XP. Since i did this when i try to load the main menu form i get this message:
    Undefined function 'date' in expression

    becuase of this the form will not open. When you click ok it then comes up wil box stating


    macro name: Macro8
    Condition : True
    Action Name: Openquery
    Arguements: Update Ledger, Datasheet, Edit

    I've gone into the Macro and it says the apend query it is trying to open is called update ledger. I think the problem lies in the expression used in the date feild in the query. which is: >=date() This expression is what was used in the database before and it worked but when i cut that out of the criteria the apend query would work.

    Sorry to rabit on!!!!!!!i Know i'm a newby on here but if anyone could help me i'd be so grateful!! Ugh i hate to be defeated by access !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for listening... any ideas welcome

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    Check your references.

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    usually this is when the Active Data Objects library' priority is higher than the Data Access Objects library.

    From the database window press alt[F11] and go to tools /references

    In the list you will see ado listed before dao
    select DAO and then use the priority buttons to move it above ado

    then go to debug
    compile - should work
    Dale Houston, TX

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