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    Unanswered: Convert .txt to MySQL

    Hello everybody,
    I have this text file, and when I import them into mysql through phpMyAdmin, everything is ok, but the persian (Farsi) not shown correctly, also I use ' utf8_persian_ci ' collation, can anyone kindly plz convert this file into MySQL that farsi data shows correctly too?

    farsi "persian" is a language
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    maybe the type of file is incorrect

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    how do you know its not storing things correctly in MySQL?

    is it possible that the client you are using to view the data doesn't understand which character set to use?
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    The Unicode data in your TXT file is a mix of Roman and Cyrillic. There are no character I recognize as Farsi (Arabic characters) in the portion of the file that I scanned.

    Does the contents of this file appear as English/Farsi on your screen?


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