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    Question Unanswered: Oracle XE and XP home

    I tried running Oracle XE on XP Home that I have at home. The system has 2 GB RAM and around 120 GB HDD. I just want to try this out for my open source ERP as a database and not going to have any production runs on this system. While it installs OK, it does not seem to start with // that is hopefully a loop back address to local host. Even giving, //localhost:8080/apex fails. I saw your email which says you are one of the fortunate ones who could run on Windows XP home edition.

    Can you give me some leads as to what could be wrong in my installation? The installation procedure looked rather dumb to me just clicking the next button. Oracle does seem to indicate that the XE may not after all run on a XP Home system. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in anticipation.

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    Check the Oracle's Certification Matrices to see whether XP Home Edition is certified with Oracle XE. If not, you're out of luck; as you've already said, there *are* people who made it work, but those were exception to the rule.

    XE might work on XP Home Edition, but noone can guarantee it will really happen. Perhaps it is a combination of someone's hardware, installed software, antivirus program, ... who can tell? If Oracle database you'd like to install on operating system which is not certified with it - well, good luck!

    Oh, yes - I can't tell anything from my own experience as I installed XE on XP Professional Edition. Sorry for not being helpful.

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