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    Unanswered: how to insert elements into array in a for loop in PL/SQl

    I am loading data from csv file into a table. for that i am able to read a line from csv file and able to get tokens from csv string. My problems is i have read one csv line into a string by utl_file.get_line function. This line when fed to my own tokenizer function it will return tokens depends on the index that i pass to that function..

    i want loop thru and put each and every token into an arry...later i will do some work on them...

    i want how to create a simple array...and insert strings into array based on index..

    Please help me...

    Thnaks in advance...

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    1) Rather than using CSV & UTL_FILE, it might be easier to use EXTERNAL TABLE instead.
    2) you can find many fine coding examples at
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