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    help regarding my database design

    Hi, i am poor in database design. so please help me out. I will say the fields which appear in tables. you say the rest of details. In my database there are 4 tables.

    Table 1: Employees
    Description: Contains employee details
    Fields: EmpID, Name, Department, Grade, EmailID

    Table 2 : Training
    Description: Contains training details
    Fields: TrID, Title, Type, Status, Date, Trainername

    Table 3 : Nominations
    Description: Contains EmpID of employees who have registered for various courses.
    Fields: EmpID, TrID

    Table 4: Feedbacks
    Description: Contains feedbacks obtained for course
    Fields: TrID,Responses...

    help me out to design. which should be foreign key and so on. ms access is the database which i use.

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    Ask yourself this
    ____ Employee can have ____ Training
    Many Employeees can have many Training sessions

    And repeat for each table - post the results back here..
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