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    {WIPJOBALLMAT.UnitQtyReqd}*{INVMASTER.MaterialCost }*{WIPMASTER.QtyToMake}

    I use the above query in a crystal report, very simple, however in our business we use stocked part numbers which have a Material Cost, and non-stocked items (basically a fudge) which do not appear on the Inventory therefore do NOT have a material cost

    basically any NON-STOCKED items dissappear from my overall report because of this, and i was looking for a way around it.

    the question i need to ask the report is If there is no "INVMASTER.MaterialCost" then perform the above calculation using a 0


    When adding the "INVMASTER.MaterialCost" to the report, how can I stop it from supressing those that don't have one

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    So you want the above calculation to equal 0 when there is no "INVMASTER.MaterialCost"...

    Right click and edit format of the formula after its placed on the report in the designer. Then in the customize options select suppress if zero.

    Alternatively you could look for the Crystal Reports equivalents to Nz(), IsNull() or Coalesce() functions... (I rarely use CR so I don't know these off the top of my head!)

    HTH - let us know how you get on
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    Thanks for the infor, but just this minutes solved it, took a while, but was very simple, I went into Linking options in Visual Linking Expert, and changed one of the links from Equal [=] to left Outer [=(+), *=] and it worked, now it shows all the information I need without changing the report.

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