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    Question Hello - Question for DBAs (I would like to get an opinion from all of you)

    I'm 26 and currently working as a support services specialist where I do programming with PHP and MySQL among other things.

    I want to be a certified DBA and I've noticed that one of the things required by companies hiring DBAs is a Bachelors degree in Computer Science or Information Technology. I only have 2 years of school left and I would like to know what current DBAs think of the University of Phoenix's Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program, with a specialty in Information Systems Security.

    Do any of you know anything about this program, or how difficult it would be to obtain a position with a company after getting this degree and then getting certified with Oracle or Microsoft, for example?

    I'm trying to set myself up for success in the long-run. Thank you for your responses and your time. I appreciate it!

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    The degree is not so important as the need to be educated to the same level as a degree - for instance, I don't have a degree but I do have qualifications that relate to post-graduate level.

    Bear in mind, also, that the advert from a company specifies what they would like their ideal candidate to be like, so if you can match most of what they're after then there's still a good chance that you could get the job.

    What really counts is experience (which you can't get without a job which you can't get without experience etc), so the best thing to do is to get any job you can & put in the hours/weeks/years, & then move onwards & upwards. Being certified is a very good idea because it shows that although you don't necessarily have the experience you still know what you're doing.

    Of course, if you have a degree and you're certified then you should have no problem getting a job.

    Good luck!

    Good luck.
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