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    Question Unanswered: Connectivity problems with OmniConnect 10.5


    I have some troubles with a OmniConnect-Server (on VMS). Connections are lost since a TCP/IP upgrade from 5.1 to 5.4 on VMS 7.3-1.

    Omni's errorlog say's:
    "... kernel Cannot read, host process disconnected: ..."

    The connections seems to be lost in a very irregular way. It don't matter if it's an active proces collecting a lot of data or an sleeping proces. Also each time a proces disconnects the errorlog gives the same message.

    We have looked into several settings and it semes to be that no TCP/IP-settings are changed and also the OmniConnect settings are unchanged.
    Have anyone experience with this particular upgrade?

    Also on a OmniConnect-startup the errorlog gives the message "kernel DEBUG task not enabled.". There seems to be a debugging option but I cann't find the way (traceflags) to activate it.


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    Problems have been solved by installing ECO6 on TCPIP 5.4 (VMS 7.3-1)

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