We are using Telelogic Synergy, based on an Informix DB, running on a Solaris server, and the number of users increased recently. People had trouble while trying to open a session, due to an insufficient number of connections in the server onconfig file. While trying to increase the connections number by changing theses lines :

NETTYPE ipcshm,1,48,CPU # Configure poll thread(s) for nettype
NETTYPE tlitcp,1,48,NET # Configure poll thread(s) for nettype


NETTYPE ipcshm,1,104,CPU # Configure poll thread(s) for nettype
NETTYPE tlitcp,1,104,NET # Configure poll thread(s) for nettype

Informix doesn't start with these parameters, and returns the following error message :

oninit: Fatal error in initializing ASF with 'ASF_INIT_DATA' flags; asfcode = '-25580'.

Which means that our Solaris system does not have enough IPC shared memory for Informix to run.

My question is, which parameters should I put in the /etc/system file for the new Informix configuration ? I'm about to use the telelogic recommended parameters, but I'm afraid it won't be sufficient, and we cannot stop / restart the server as we'd like to.

Recommended parameters :

set shmsys:shminfo_shmmax=268435456
set semsys:seminfo_semmap=64
set semsys:seminfo_semmni=4096
set semsys:seminfo_semmns=4096
set semsys:seminfo_semmnu=4096
set semsys:seminfo_semume=64
set semsys:seminfo_semmsl=100
set shmsys:shminfo_shmmin=100
set shmsys:shminfo_shmmni=100
set shmsys:shminfo_shmseg=100

Server Information ( sorry, results of prtdiag are in french ) :

Configuration du système : Sun Microsystems sun4u Sun Ultra 5/10 UPA/PCI (UltraSPARC-IIi 400MHz)
Fréquence d'horloge système : 100 MHz
Taille de mémoire : 512 mégaoctets

So if anyone has information about the way to determine these parameters, or if they are sufficient, that would be very helpful. If you need further informations, don't hesitate to reply for it

Thanks by advance.