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    Question Unanswered: Table-based Combo Box problem running Reports?

    I have created a Software License database to keep track of software licenses. It includes a table-based combo box named "Software". The table associated with "Software" is named "Software List", and it's two fields are named "SoftwareID" and "SoftwareList". The "SoftwareList" field stores the actual name of the software application and "SoftwareID" is an AutoNumber data type field.

    The problem is that when I run a report that uses the "Software" combo box, it returns the value "SoftwareID" instead of "SoftwareList". In other words, I get a number instead of the actual name of the application. This is also a problem when I use the "Software" combo box in calculations and functions.

    Any help or advice with this problem would be greatly appreciated.

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    You really should not be using a combo box on a report. You can link the table "Software List" by using the SoftwareID from the SoftwareList table and the SoftwareID from the table you are doing the report on. Once linked in the query, then just select the SoftwareList field for the query to pass onto the report. If you do the same thing anytime you need the field SoftwareList incalculations or functions, you will get the text you want rather than the ID number.

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    mycombo.column(1) will return the string for the software table
    or in the properties (data tab) look and see which column is the bound one.

    In access property sheet bound column 1 is really 0 in code and sql
    so if you are using a recordsource and referencing
    forms!myform!mycombo ,and the bound column ids the number column then you will not get the expected results
    Dale Houston, TX

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