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    Exclamation Unanswered: Transaction Log File 210GB And Growing

    I am running Microsoft SQL 2005 Express.

    The transaction log of the main database has gotten huge and I just noticed it because the disk is nearly out of free disk space.

    The database data file is 46MB and the transaction log is 210GB. This happended because autogrowth was on, and no limit was set I suppose.

    So my goal is to knock this thing down to size, and set the max size of the transaction file to like 5GB.

    I CANNOT do a backup of the transaction log because I do not have enough free space for such an operation. I tried doing:

    No luck, got the following error: Backup or restore requires at least one backup device.

    Can I just stop the service and manually DELETE the transaction log file?

    Thanks for the help.

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    Ok, my problem is fixed, I ran:

    DBCC shrinkfile(Bootstrap_log, 1000 )

    Then change the model is SIMPLE from FULL.

    Then did a shrink database.

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    Don't you backup your database?

    If you don't, this is why the log keeps growing. If this is a productions database you should change it back to FULL recovery model and run scheduled backups. This will allow SQL Server to reuse inactive parts of the transaction log.

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