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    Unanswered: Microsoft Office Business Contact Manager


    I apologise in advance as I am probably resurrecting an old thread - in fact I know I am, as I stumbled across it earlier on this forum but now cannot retrieve it...

    I am running MS Outlook Pro 2003 with BCM. A little while back my HD went down and the IT guy (not me) rescued all of my stuff except Outlook. He did recover the BCM files, but they seem to be corrupt: when I use BCM I get the following error message:

    Cannot continue scan with NOLOCK due to data movement.

    I suspect that I have a corrupted version of the BCM files. Questions, therefore are:

    1) Since I want to retrieve the data in these files (some emails are rescued in this way) is it possible to get back this information?

    2) Are there any workarounds to avoid losing the data?

    I'm sorry to ask some really dumb questions, but I am not a dba, though I understand a little of how they work (only a little).

    Thanks in advance for any help. Beers are on me


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    I may be way off base, but I can't see how that is related to MySQL. I'd suggest that you start out with the Business Contact Manager home page and work toward either the KB (Knowledge Base) or a UseNet group. I think you'll get an answer a lot faster that way.


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