I have a form that opens up with 2 combo boxes that are linked, so the first one lists the three shifts First, Second, and Third. When I click on a shift the second combo populates with the names of the employees that work that shift. When I click an employee name a second form opens with the first text box populated with that employee’s userID#. That control gets its value from the control source set with this code
=Forms!frmAddEmployeeInstance!cboShiftEmployees.Co lumn(0)
My problem comes when I get to the second text box on that form to enter the date and time of the instance, the value of the first text box is lost when I tab out to the next control a combo box. Or if I go from the focus on the first text box to the combo box and click on an item, the value in the first box is lost.
My access experience is very limited so I am in desperate need of help. So please forgive my computer ignorance, I’m surprised I was able to get this far without help.