Good Morning

I would need an advice about this problem.

Say I have a LAN on which n clients accept bookings from customers. Each of them have a Situation-Table which is displayed on their monitor by which they can look at the booking layout. (For example the seats of a theater, or the moors in a turistic harbor)
This is my aim:
When one of these operators make a new booking, (or modify one, or delete one) the Situation-Table shall be refreshed in order to show the new situation.
To do this I think there must be two main solutions:
1) Every 30 seconds the Situation Table is refreshed by the program of each operator (automatically by a timer).
2) Every time one operator makes a new transaction, the Situation Table of all the operators is refreshed.
I adopted the first choice, but indeed it makes the net performance to slow down and very often the operators receive errors like 3050 and others.
I would suppose the second one is better, since it fires the refresh process ONLY when a transaction is actually carried out and not at a fixed pace. But frankly I do not know how to do that.

Therefore I would like some expert tell me:
1) Is this the correct way of solving this problem?
2) Can he give me an idea about the coding in VB6 and with Access2000 as DB?

Very obliged for the Yr time and collaboration.